Unlimited Wash Memberships

You can sign up for the Unlimited Car Wash Membership and never again have an excuse for a dirty car.  Memberships are charged monthly and per vehicle.



Foam Bath

Spot Free Rinse

Flash Dry System

Under Body Flush

Triple Foam

Salt Shield

Rain Repel

Wheel Bright

Tire Shine

Lava Shield












Our Unlimited Members not only save money by paying one low monthly payment for Unlimited Washes, but also receive exclusive discounts on Express Detailing.

Get A Free Month of Unlimited Car Washes


Give A Free Month of Unlimited Car Washes

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Save Money!

Unlimited Wash Members enjoy huge savings! If you wash Twice Per Month, you could save by becoming an Unlimited Member. Pay one, low monthly price and zoom through all month long . The best part is, you can wash as often as you like!

Have questions, or not finding what you are looking for?

Try visiting our FAQ’s page for answers to Frequently Asked Questions.

Going to the car wash again?

If you wash more than once a month, you can save money by becoming and Unilmited Car Wash Member!

If you don’t wash you vehicle more than once a month, you should, shame on you. For most people, their vehicle is their second largest investment next to their home. Our Unlimited Car Wash Plan allows you to take care of that investment for a reasonable price.

Will my truck fit in the car wash?

Ship Shape Car Wash has a soft touch tunnel that can fit vehicles up to 7 feet tall and a Touch-Free car wash that can fit single and rear dual axle vehicles up to 8 feet tall. Of course, our Unlimited Car Wash Programs allow you to wash at both.

Tired of Waiting in Lines?

Our Wash System will provide you with a clean, dry car quickly. Even during our busy season, we can provide over 100 clean cars per hour!

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